Mobile Phones

Much has been written and spoken about the safety of mobile phones. A lot of it is rumour and hearsay. It is hoped that the following pages will allay any fears.
Acknowledgement is hereby given to the Radiocommunications Agency and to the Independent Experts Group on Mobile Phones from where most of this information is obtained.
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An introductory Frequently Asked Questions* and Answers

A good summary to start is the Clarification* from the IEGMP

Another good introduction is the RA Information sheet about the Audit being carried out on  School Sites*

Some  Questions and Answers* on the Stewart Report

Results so far from the  Audit*

Links to all the  Stewart Report Documents

A summary page from the  Dept. of Education & Employment*  (note this is a copy of a web page and the links to other pages will NOT function correctly)

Fuller details of the IEGMP  Report*

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